Share it with Others
Learn how to instantly share 3D models and allow others to see 3D models in AR through their phone.
You can generate a short link and share it with others so they can see the same 3D model you have in the console.
Click the
icon to automatically copy a short link to the model into your clipboard.
You are also able to automatically share it through WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit.
The short link should look something likehttps://go.echo3D.co/ABCD
Paste and share the link with friends on social media or send it as text.
Sharing this link will automatically give others access to the model and also show a QR code they can scan for easy access. For example:
Clicking the short link redirects to our website where they can click the
button to place the 3D model on the floor around them.
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