Using the SDK
Learn how to use our Unity SDK.

Streaming 3D holograms into Unity

Let's start with something simple.
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    Either open the sample scene under Assets/echo3D/Examples/sample
or create a new empty game object and attach the script echo3D/echo3D.cs to it.
2. In the Inspector View for the echo3D game object or the empty game object that you created, update the API Key field with your API key.
  • Under Entries you can note the specific entry IDs (separated by commas) of the Content Entries you would like to appear in Unity. Leaving this parameter empty will query for all entries in the project.
  • Under Tags you can note the specific tag values (separated by commas) of Content Entries that include these specific values as tags in their metadata.
3. If you have the Secret Key option enabled, type your secret key as the value for the parameter secKey in the file Assets/echo3D/echo3D.cs.
Building for WebGL? Locate line 129 in echo3D.cs and comment that line out to prevent compliation errors.
4. Add a 3D model through the console. Here's how:
5. Go back to Unity and hit the Play button. The SDK will stream the 3D model into Unity.
Great work! πŸŽ‰
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