Convert & Compress Page
Learn how to use the convert & compress page.
In this page you can process 3D assets, convert between formats, compress and optimized files, and generate 2D thumbnails.
The Convert & Compress page is only available in the Enterprise plan.

Conversion and Compression Tool

You can choose files from local storage or simply drag-and-drop files to this tool to convert and compress 3D assets to different file formats, lighter versions, or 2D thumbnails.
Click any of the buttons to process the file. The result will start downloading automatically.

Supported file formats:

    Models: .obj, .stl, .fbx, .glTf, .glb, .usdz, .dae, .zip
    Videos: .mp4, .mov
    Images: .png, .jpg, .gif, .svg
Maximum allowed file size is 25MB for the free plan and unlimited for paid plan.
When adding multiple assets from local storage, we recommend to zip them first and upload the ZIP file. When selecting models, be sure to include all files associated with that model (i.e., include material and texture files in your selection). An uploaded 3D model will automatically be centered around its origin.

Assets from Project

3D assets from your project are automatically available for processing.

Model Holograms

For this type of hologram, you can:
    Convert the models to different file formats
    Generate 2D thumbnails images
    Compress the models to lighter or poly-reduced versions
    Rescale the model to other sizes

Video Holograms

For this type of hologram, you can:
    Compress the videos to lighter versions
    Convert video to GIF

Image Holograms

For this type of hologram, you can:
    Compress the images to lighter versions
    Convert them to 3D models
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